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Class designed for kids 7-12 years of age with a parent/guardian accompaniment.  Parent/guardian attendance is free.

Dr. Renee Penticoff is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified Yoga Calm instructor with our 20 years of experience helping children and families manage stress, overcome difficulties and learn to live their best lives.

Yoga Calm will help your child develop healthy habits for a lifetime of wellness and happiness.  Yoga Calm give children a practice and routine that integrates physical, mental and emotional development.  Skills and activities covered include:

  • Simple Breathing techniques to slow down the nervous system, develop self-control and connect children with their feelings
  • Yoga poses to release energy, learn compassion and develop strength, concentration and self-confidence
  • Relaxation techniques and story telling to calm the body and mind, and integrate physical, emotional and cognitive experiences

The class is beneficial for children with attention and social difficulties.  Through this yoga practice, your child will develop more personal awareness and learn specific strategies to maintain focus and manage their emotions and impulses.  Over time, these skills and practices develop greater health, self-mastery and well-being.  Contact us about suitability for your child.

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