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Welcome to Telemedicine!  We are excited to offer this option for patients that may not need to be seen in the office but can be managed using a camera and microphone.

Interested in a telemedicine visit?

Step 1:

Make a telemedicine appointment (visits are by appointment only for mental health follow ups):

  • Telemedicine scheduling by phone: 651-738-0470 Woodbury or 651-645-4693 Roseville

Step 2:

5 minutes before your scheduled visit, enter the telemedicine waiting room by clicking on the link below with your telemedicine appointment provider. Be sure to allow any popups for camera and/or microphone. You will be in the virtual waiting room until the doctor is able to meet with you. If there is technical difficulty during your telemedicine visit, you may receive a phone call from our clinic. Please answer your phone during this time.

Dr. Bragg Waiting Room

Dr. Bryson Waiting Room

Dr. Coomes Waiting Room

Dr. Crosby-Schmidt Waiting Room

Dr. Fenlason Waiting Room

Dr. Gillett Waiting Room

Dr. Goodale Waiting Room

Dr. Jaeger Waiting Room

Dr. Khoury Waiting Room

Dr. Meier Waiting Room

Dr. Morrissey Waiting Room

Dr. Niksich Waiting Room

Dr. Pettey Waiting Room

Dr. Rhodes Dekko Waiting Room

Dr. Tierney Waiting Room

Dr. Wilson Waiting Room

What do I need for this visit?

· Access to a device with a microphone and camera.

· It is best to use a device that is hardwired such as a computer with a camera and microphone.

· If using an ipad or smartphone, use Wifi rather than cellular service.

· For iphones safari browser works best.

Will I be charged?

· This visit takes the place of an office visit and will be charged as a Telemedicine visit.

· Copays and coinsurance will apply.

If I am doing a mental health visit how do I fill out the screening surveys?

· For an anxiety/depression med check, open this form.

· For an ADHD med check, open this form.

· This will be faxed into our office directly.  Please fill out when appointment is made so we can view this prior to the visit.

· You will receive a call 24-48 hours prior to the visit to gather information and review appointment instructions.

Hours for telemedicine:

M-F 7:30 am – 5:00 pm


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